Natural healing + massage...what for

Alternative medicine and massage......what for?

All creatures need contact, support, stimulation, relaxation. They cannot exist in isolation.


Whether human, animal or plant:

touching the body and the soul enhances well-being and stimulates self-healing.

Practitioners of alternative medicine seek to help patients access their own resources.


People can become healthy and free only if they are ready and if they take on responsibility for themselves.

Massage imparts warmth and strength, increases energy, stimulates tissue metabolism and helps to relieve blockages and remove toxins from the tissue.

Via reflex zones, it is possible to influence organs and other structures in the body.


Herbal remedies stimulate many processes in the body, doing so through various active substances like bitterns, essential oils, coumarins, flavonoids, tannins and countless others.

The cardiovascular system is stimulated and nerves strengthened, by inducing myelin sheath repair and improving the transmission of signals to the synapses.

Gland activity is boosted or reduced, the metabolism and hormone levels are rebalanced, irritations are soothed and natural wound healing is improved.

Naturheilkunde und Massagen Berlin