Bodywork and massage

Bodywork and massage

Classical massage

for relaxation, purging and recharging.

For the treatment of problem and reflex zones on the back, arms and hands, legs and feet, neck, head and face.


Connective tissue massage

Deep, intense strokes in connective tissue zones, to relieve restrictions, activate reflex zones and increase delivery of blood to massaged areas.


Spinal massage (Breuss method)

Deeply relaxing spinal massage, with a gentle touch and therapeutic magnetism.

Relaxation for body and soul.


Spine therapy (Dorn method)

Gentle treatment of the spine and joints.

With the patient's active cooperation, the statics of the body from the feet to the head can be corrected.

Acute care can be provided for joint pains, backache and headache. These  can be cured long-term – with the patient's active cooperation.



The human body is mirrored in the feet. Through them it is possible to gently influence conditions affecting the organs and bones.

And a foot massage is really relaxing.

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