Cuppingtherapy + Baunscheidtism

Naturopathic detoxification procedures

Cupping therapy (petechial suction therapy)

Cupping massage to activate the connective tissue and stimulate the lymph flow.

Adhesions are loosened, the metabolism is stimulated and thus the entire immune system is activated.

For this purpose, a vacuum is created in a cupping glass by burning or withdrawing oxygen, which enables a deep connective tissue massage of the back.

Particularly in stressed tissue areas and alarmed reflex zones, small punctiform bleedings into the tissue (petechiae) occur, which have an immune-stimulating, pain-reducing and vegetative balancing effect, similar to an autologous blood therapy through the degradation of the body's own blood cells. There is often an improvement in the general condition.

Dry or bloody cupping is applied to problem and reflex zones in cases of severe emptiness or fullness.

Cupping is a time-honoured, fascinatingly effective procedure that leads to long-lasting, deep relaxation.

Proven indications include the onset of flu-like infections and pneumonia, and in many countries cupping is still used as a home remedy.


This is a method of activating problem zones, such as osteoarthritis and shoulder stiffness.

At affected areas, the skin is slit slightly using a vitralizator and then treated with Baunscheidt oil. This oil is a mixture of various rubefacient and warming essential oils and histamine.

This artificially induced eczema mobilizes the body's self-healing capabilities in the affected area.

The circulation of blood and lymph is stimulated and toxins can be expelled from the body.

Baunscheidtism is applied in the acute treatment of neuralgia (nerve pain), incision pain, non-allergic asthma, the entry points of ticks, as well as reflexively in the case of the absence of menstruation.


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