Life is movement

In osteopathy, the natural self-regulating powers of the human body are central to the therapy.


The basic principles are:

- the human body functions as an integrated whole;

- the body possesses self-healing mechanisms;

- structure and function are intimately interconnected.

- abnormal pressure or tension in one part of the body produces abnormal pressure or tension in another part of the body.

According to the observations of A.T.Still (1828–1917), the founder of osteopathy, dysfunction always impairs the mobility of the affected tissue (e.g. lung mobility is restricted by pneumonia, joint mobility by joint ailments).

Still wanted to restore this mobility. Since doing so promotes arterial blood flow and improves venous and lymphatic transport, the body's self-healing powers are mobilized.

The practitioner's task is to search for the origin of the dysfunction, by palpatory assessment of mobility restriction in the tissue, and to correct the dysfunction by applying various techniques.



Osteopathy is divided into the following areas:

- Parietal osteopathy

In treatment of the musculoskeletal system (joints, ligaments and muscles), direct and indirect mobilization, muscle and manipulation techniques are applied.

In addition the fascia – the connective tissue that encloses the muscles and organs, and connects nearly all the structures of the body (except for the mimic musculature) – are relaxed by gentle manipulation to allow the free shearing of structures again..

-Visceral osteopathy

This is the treatment of the internal organs to restore their mobility and to ease cramps, congestion and restrictions.

-Craniosacral osteopathy

Here we work with the craniosacral rhythm, which influences the flow of fluid in the brain and spinal cord membranes (meninges).

Gentle treatment is applied to the cranium and sacrum. Connected by the dural sac, these are (supposed to be) in constant, shared motion.

Disturbances of this motion can be caused directly by trauma or inflammation processes

or by emotional /psychological factors.


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